A Comprehensive Guide to Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO is, without a doubt, the most popular app ever, having made 200 million dollars in only one month from microtransactions. The game is a widespread phenomenon, having captured the attention of both children and adults. However, Pokemon GO lacks many instructions, so if you ever wanted to play the game and didn't understand how, this article will help you become a professional Pokemon trainer.

First of all, the goal of the game is to get you out of the house by spawning Pokemon around your area. You are supposed to go to the location of the Pokemon (which you can track down using the radar, on the bottom right corner of the screen), tap on the Pokemon once it spawns, and then swipe the Pokeball from the bottom of the screen to the Pokemon in the center of the screen.

In order to be able to catch Pokemon, you need to actually have the resources needed, such as Pokeballs, and, later on, Great balls, Ultra balls and Razz Beries. To acquire these items, you need to walk to certain marked spots called Pokestops. Upon being within range of a Pokestop, you can tap the Pokestop and then spin the image in order to get between 3 and 7 items that will aid you in catching Pokemon. Pokestops can also provide you with Pokemon eggs and status-modifying items such as potions and revives.

As you catch Pokemon, you level up your trainer, which is your in-game avatar. Each time you level up, you unlock new items, such as Lure Modules and better types of Pokeballs. You also get certain items for free, such as a number of Pokeballs to keep you catching Pokemon each level.

Catching isn't the only way to get new Pokemon and experience, though: you can also hatch Pokemon eggs, which are acquired from Pokestops. Simply go to the Pokemon menu, select the Eggs tab, tap the desired egg and use an incubator to activate the egg hatching process. Everyone gets an unbreakable incubator which can be used for an infinite number of eggs, but you also get new incubators from leveling up or from the shop that can be used for 3 eggs before breaking. Once you activate the egg hatching process, you need to walk for the distance specified under the egg. There are three types of eggs: 2 km, 5 km and 10 km. The longer the distance needed to walk, the rarer and more powerful the Pokemon that comes out.

If you do not want to walk, you can always use an incense from your inventory menu! Incenses attract Pokemon to your location for 30 minutes. A new Pokemon spawns near your location every 5 minutes, so you get an average of 6 Pokemon per incense used. You can acquire incenses from leveling up or from the shop. Additionally, if you simply get tired while walking, and you find yourself near a Pokestop, you can use a lure module on it! Lure modules act almost exactly like incenses, but they can only be placed on Pokestops, and they also benefit everyone near the Pokestop. The lure modules can bring a lot of people together, and they are the biggest social component of Pokemon GO. Just like the incenses, you can get lure modules by leveling up or by buying them from the shop.

However, there is more to Pokemon GO than simply catching Pokemon. Once you reach level 5, you have to choose between one of the three teams available: Team Mystic (blue), Team Instinct (yellow), or Team Valor (red). Once you have chosen a team to fight for, you are supposed to roam your area, looking for Pokemon gyms. Gyms are, just like Pokestops, fixed points on the world map. Once you are within range of a gym, you are supposed to claim the gym for your team. If the gym is controlled by another team, you need to fight the placed Pokemon with your own in order to bring down the gym's prestige points.

Once the gym is out of prestige points, it loses a level and a placed Pokemon. When the gym loses all its prestige points at level 1, the gym is freed and you can place your own Pokemon. If the gym is owned by your team, you need to "train" the gym by fighting the Pokemon with one of yours. This increases the gym's prestige points, and, when its level is up, you can place your own Pokemon. Once your Pokemon is placed in a gym, you can claim a coin and stardust bonus from the upper right corner of the shop. The bonus is 10 coins and 500 stardust times the number of Pokemon placed in gyms, so if you have two Pokemon assigned to two gyms, you will get 20 coins and 1000 stardust. The coin bonus can be claimed once every 21 hours.

Your Pokemon's fighting abilities are determined by its CP or its Combat Power. Each Pokemon has a random CP when you first encounter it. In order to improve the CP of a Pokemon, you need to either power it up, which costs 1 candy and a certain amount of stardust, or to evolve it, which requires a high number of candies. You get stardust by catching and hatching Pokemon or by defending gyms. Each Pokemon has a special candy. For example, you cannot use Eevee candy for powering up a Bulbasaur, but you can use Bulbasaur candy for powering up or evolving Bulbasaur's evolutions. You get 3 candies for catching a Pokemon, and one more candy if you choose to transfer that Pokemon (in other words, if you choose to delete the Pokemon from your list). You can transfer a Pokemon from its stats page.

There are status-modifying items, such as potions and revives that you get from Pokestops and leveling up. Potions restore a Pokemon's Health Points, or HP after battle, and revives restore a fainted Pokemon (a Pokemon that was defeated in battle), and restore its HP up to half the HP bar. An assigned Pokemon stays in a gym as long as it is not knocked out by the gym losing prestige points. As long as a Pokemon stays in a gym, you cannot heal it, power it up or evolve it. Once the Pokemon is knocked out from the gym, it returns to you with 1 HP.

Lucky eggs are items that you acquire from leveling up or from the shop. These items simply double the amount of experience your trainer receives for half an hour after activation.

This is everything you need to know in order to become a true Pokemon master. If you carefully read this guide and understood these mechanics, then you will have a great time playing Pokemon GO. Just remember to be careful on the street, always look around for danger and never play the game while driving.

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